Welcome to MouseShopUK - Fun Mice for Fun People

Meet our Team

We’re six cartoon mice working hard to brighten up your desk. Each of us brings a special blend of talent, passion, and can-do attitude to MouseShopUK. We make sure you receive your mouse quickly, safely, and ready for its new home.


Hi, I'm Anna. I look after the money at MouseShopUK. I became an accountant because I’ve always loved solving problems and crunching numbers. I complete three Sudoku puzzles and two crossword puzzles every evening. During the weekends I read novels or crochet jumpers and hats.


Hey! I'm Zack, the picker packer at MouseShopUK. I prepare your order for shipping. My aim is to send it to your doorstep safely and quickly. I keep our products organised and ready to be dispatched. I usually make a backup plan for my backup plan. Especially for the office Christmas party or a football party with friends.


Hey, it's Seth here! I'm a supply chain manager at MouseShopUK. I keep track of the flow of our products. I always know how many items we have in stock. I also decide when it's time to order more. I also choose and evaluate our suppliers. My favourite games are Chess, Scrabble, and Jenga.


Hi, I'm Tilly, a friendly cashier at MouseShopUK. I'm responsible for making sure your transactions are accurate and efficient. I always try to be practical. Such as when I give change. Always coins first, so they don’t slide off the notes to the floor. In my spare time, I like watching old films, and always keep a pot of rosemary on my kitchen windowsill.


Hi, I'm Max. As a customer service rep at MouseShopUK, I answer questions, reply to emails, and handle refunds or exchanges. I want you to be 100% happy with your order. My favourite part of customer service is talking to lots of people every day. My weekend pub quiz team has won first place for the past twelve weeks in a row.


Hi, I'm a sales associate at MouseShopUK. I help customers find their perfect product and get the most out of what they purchase. My favourite part of sales is matching products with new homes. I go to an improv class twice per week and a theatre group three times per week.